Hybrid hostels & living spaces for nomads

Like at home

Looking for conviviality, cosmopolitan encounters, low prices and excellent accommodation conditions?

Discover Ozz; the perfect embodiment of a concept in full development: the sharing hotel. What are we sharing?

Your room and bathroom, for starters. But more than that: moments of life, passions, the discovery of a city.

With common areas open to neighbors and living spaces that encourage encounters between guests and locals, OZZ surrounds itself with local communities and offers its guests new collaborations: barber shop / tattoo parlour / street art gallery.

The two accommodation solutions offered: in dormitories or double rooms, guarantee maximum comfort and respect for everyone, far from the compartmentalization and intimate atmosphere of traditional hotels. The floor is given to the artists of the urban art movement but also to the teams, who make the OZZ a place to live and who give life to this hybrid place: between sharing, urban culture and immersion in the city.

3 new cities are getting ready to welcome in turn a place of life and meeting that reinvents the way of travelling. After OZZ Nice opened in 2016, OZZ will expand in 2021 with two new addresses in France, in Marseille and Paris, and one address in Belgium, in Brussels. See you very soon to discover each unique address!